Karl C. Ivarson Scholarship for Students in Soil Science and Related Studies

This Scholarship was created by Dr. Karl C. Ivarson through a gift to the Agricultural Institute of Canada Foundation, now CFFAE. Dr. Ivarson's wish was to provide financial support to a student(s) entering second or subsequent year of graduate studies in soil science (in areas of agriculture, agro-ecology, resource management, environment, geology or other related disciplines) at a recognized Canadian university.

2018 Scholarship Recipient

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Lewis Fausak

Lewis Fausak is pursuing a Master of Science in Soil Science degree at the University of British Columbia.

His research is focused on the effects of 2- and 3-year grassland set-asides (GLSAs), or grassland arable leys, on nitrogen cycling and soil quality indicators in Delta, British Columbia. The goal of his research is to enhance understanding of the potential for short-term GLSAs to improve soil properties, determine the implications to crop management in the growing seasons following incorporation, and ultimately to deliver useful insights to farmers and policy makers in the lower Fraser River valley that can help inform future management decisions and policy development.

Lewis is an executive member of the Pacific Regional Soil Science Society, acting as the Website and Social Media Coordinator and aiding in event organization. This past winter he volunteered as a mentor to two high school students through the Science Mentorship Program of the Prince of Wales Mini School in Vancouver. During his undergraduate studies, he was an executive member of the Environmental and Conservation Science Students Association at the University of Alberta, acting as the Environmental and Conservation Science Week coordinator.

He has worked as a junior environmental scientist, assisting in reclamation of power generation and other facilities across Alberta. He also worked at the University of Alberta in the Sustainable Land Ecosystems research group as an agricultural research assistant. At UBC, he has worked as a teaching assistant for two undergraduate courses.

After graduation, Lewis’s goal is to intern at the Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations and to develop skills that will allow him to work towards a career achieving agricultural and environmental security through effective policy development and implementation.

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The Ivarson Soil Science Scholarship is awarded based on the following criteria:

  1. Academic Achievement

  2. Areas of Study

  3. Leadership

  4. Career Interests

  5. References

Scholarship Guidelines

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