Douglas McRorie Memorial Scholarship

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In 1990, the CFFAE created the Douglas McRorie Memorial Scholarship in honour of past-president and agri-finance leader, Douglas McRorie, PAg, FAIC. Mr. McRorie served as the Vice-President of Agriculture for the Royal Bank and was a well-respected agricultural leader in Canada.

Scholarships are awarded to agricultural post-graduates majoring in agricultural business, economics, finance or trade. This scholarship is made available through the support of the RBC Foundation.

2017 scholarship recipients

claire Doll

Claire Doll is a Masters student in the Agriculture and Resource Economics program at the University of Alberta. 

Her research and career interests lie in the economics of agricultural systems, land use, and energy. Her thesis work seeks to evaluate the financial viability of a second-generation ethanol industry in Canada; she is assessing the conditions under which energy crops might become competitive with traditional agricultural crops.   She hopes to pursue a career that will further sustainable agriculture and sustainable land use objectives.

As an undergraduate student, Claire worked as a Research Assistant in the Department of Resource Economics and Environmental Sociology, where she was involved in a project on farmland conversion and fragmentation in Alberta.  After graduation she found a position as a Research Assistant at the Technical University of Munich, where she co-authored a report titled “Ecosystem-Based Management and Forestry on the Central Coast of British Columbia, Canada.”

Claire serves as President of her Department’s student group, the Resource Economics and Environmental Sociology Students’ Association (REESSA), whose goals are to promote the general welfare and mental wellness of students, while furthering intellectual, cultural, social, and recreational activities. This year she is serving as co-chair of the student planning committee for Visions, the REESSA/ Alberta Agricultural Economics Association joint conference.  She also serves as a representative on the Women’s Intramural Network, whose purpose is to address the needs of women on campus in intramural programming, ensuring their voices are heard in recreational athletics, and making recommendations to campus programmers.


Nathaniel whittingham

Nathaniel Whittingham is a Masters student in the Department of Food, Agricultural and Resource Economics (FARE) at the University of Guelph.

His thesis work focuses on analysis of government communication policy surrounding genetically modified foods.  His objective is to provide data to Ontario government ministries on how consumers trade information about genetically modified foods. 

Nathaniel serves as the representative for the FARE department on the Ontario Agricultural College Graduate Student Council, whose primary focus is to plan and coordinate events between all the programs of the OAC and to communicate any graduate student issues or concerns across the various departments.  He is also the FARE representative for the local CUPE 3913. 

Throughout and after his undergraduate degree he held positions with Pioneer, DuPont and Monsanto Canada, first as a research assistant in the canola breeding program and second in Monsanto’s technology development group, helping coordinate research and further communicate that research with farmers.

Prior to undertaking his graduate degree, Nathaniel spent two years teaching abroad both for work and as a volunteer in areas including Nepal, Thailand, and Cambodia.  This allowed him to learn about some of the obstacles that individuals are forced to overcome to gain an education in their respective countries.

Nathaniel’s career interests are to work with major economic issues related to agriculture and specifically the adoption of genetically modified technology and agriculture trade, evaluating how they affect advanced and developing economies.

Scholarship Guidelines

The Douglas McRorie Memorial Scholarships are awarded based on the following criteria:

  1. Agricultural post-graduate student
  2. Emphasis in research related to agricultural business/commerce/economics/trade
  3. Academic record
  4. Leadership and community service
  5. Work experience and career interests
  6. Letters of recommendation. 

Past Recipients

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Scholarships were not awarded in 2011.